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Salix Court, Salford  /  Rainscreen and Floor Spanning System. 12/02/18

This floor spanning over cladding system was supplied by System Building Products and installed on location by DMC Group.


The design has been carried out Mark Heywoods Associates in accordance with British standard codes on wind loading, Structural use of aluminium, corrosion at bimetallic contacts and method of testing for structural fixings.


Work commenced by removing Reynabond pannels from the gable end of Salix Court. Once the task had been completed the operatives then began to remove each T rail from the carrier system along with insulation and fire break to expose the buildings brick work. Any historic penetrations in the brick substrate were then injected with EPDM sealant to protect the structure from water and air ingress.

Dead load brackets were then installed using Fischer FIS V 360s resin and stainless steel A40-70 Threaded rod. Brackets were then installed at designed increments to first floor slab along with helping hand brackets to the second-floor slab. Teflon coated fixings and washers were used on the systems components to reduce friction and provide isolation between dissimilar materials.


Once the installation of the T rails to the brackets had been completed operatives lined and levelled the grid before installing Tenmat Ventilated Fire Barrier at floor slab level. A constant 30mm air gap was maintained between the intumescent strip and the back of the support rail to allow for free air flow with in the compartments.

Once installation of the Fire break had been completed operatives then began installing 110mm Knauf Earthwool Dritherm Cavity Slab to the brick substrate. The insulation was then directly fixed to the building using 6 number plastic tie back fixings with spreader washer and 2 number stainless steel fire rated insulation fixings.


An expansion joint has been installed at every second level to allow for deflection of the internal slab or expansion and contraction of the façade system.


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